What is changing? 

After nearly doubling in size over the last decade through various acquisitions, we’ve kept the names and logos of our acquired businesses intact. With so many different Hillrom companies and offerings, we want to make it easier for our customers to understand how much we offer to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers. That’s why all of Hillrom is now under one name and one logo.  

Is “Hillrom” part of “Hill-Rom”? What’s the difference? 

Hillrom” and “Hill-Rom” refer to the same company. We’ve modernized our logo to show that we’re always advancing and innovating.  

You may also see us listed as “Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc.” on financial and legal documents. No matter which name you see, we’re all the same business dedicated to the same mission: Every day, around the world, we enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers.  

Have you changed your logo? 

Yes, we’ve updated our logo. Wherever you see this logo, you can rest assured it’s a Hillrom product or service.  

Do you still sell Voalte, Mortara, Welch Allyn, Trumpf Medical, Liko and Allen Medical products? 

Yes, we’re not discontinuing any products as part of this change.  

My interactions were limited to your other companies, and I’m not very familiar with Hillrom. What does Hillrom do? 

We are a global medical technology company with more than 10,000 employees worldwide. We partner with healthcare providers in more than 100 countries, across all care settings—from the emergency department and ICU, to the physician’s office, surgical suite and home.  

Our innovations ensure caregivers have the products they need to diagnose, treat and protect their patients, help speed recoveries and manage conditions. We focus on patient care solutions that improve clinical and economic outcomes in five core areas: 

Accelerating Patient Recovery 
Simplifying Clinical Communication and Collaboration 
Enabling Earlier Diagnosis and Treatment 
Optimizing Surgical Efficiency and Safety 
Shifting Care Closer to Home 

For more than a century, physicians, nurses and other caregivers have placed their trust in us to provide medical technologies that help them deliver excellent care to patients. 

Have the email addresses or other contact information changed for Hillrom employees? 

Giving our employees consistent email addresses makes communication easier for everyone. All Hillrom employees now use “@hillrom.com” email addresses. This includes your Hillrom contacts who previously used @voalte.com, @welchallyn.com, @trumpfmedical.com email addresses. 

If you send an email to a Hillrom employee’s old email address, we’ll automatically forward your note.  

All phone numbers, fax numbers and physical mailing addresses are the same. You can visit our Contact Us or Office Locations webpages if you’re looking for contact info. 

Do I still have a dedicated sales rep? 

Yes, you still have access to the same dedicated sales rep. Our sales teams have not changed. This sales structure makes them more valuable healthcare partners to your organization.  

Your sales rep is happy to discuss these changes and any areas of Hillrom you’d like to learn more about. 

Do I still contact the same customer service and technical support teams? 

Yes, our customer service and technical support teams have not changed.  

Will the same field service team handle my account?  

Yes, nothing in our field service operations has changed.  

Will I still visit the same websites for product information, parts orders, clinical resources and help guides? 

Yes. At this time, you’ll continue using the same websites.  

Working with us shouldn’t require you to toggle between multiple Hillrom websites and online tools. We are actively developing a unified, intuitive online experience across our company. We’ll share news about these upcoming enhancements well in advance of making any changes. 

I follow Voalte or Welch Allyn on social media. Are their social media accounts still active?  

Yes, these social media accounts will remain active and be updated on a regular basis with industry news and information. We are actively working to develop one social experience across our company. We will share news about these upcoming enhancements as we continue to evolve. 

Are you closing any facilities or eliminating staff as a result of this branding change?  

No, not at all. The Hillrom employees you interacted with yesterday are the same you’ll work with today.  

Is your regulatory labeling or name changing?  

We’re not changing the regulatory label of our products or any legal entity names. 

Is the actual design of your products changing? 

The clinically relevant aspects of products will remain intact. The design changes you may notice are our new logo and colors, which will be implemented on products and packaging over time. 

Will I be required to upgrade a product simply because the logo or company has changed? 
Absolutely not. Product updates are always focused on innovation and safety. We will not discontinue a product simply to create a new version with a different logo. 

I’m located outside of the United States. Will these changes affect me differently? 

No, our new logo and name will be used worldwide. You’ll still visit the same websites and contact the same local sales rep.