This fight didn’t make your work vital.
Because that’s what it’s always been.

You’ve shown the world your strength.

We want to show our support and appreciation for your courage in facing an unprecedented crisis, and for the unwavering commitment of care teams like yours.

Your dedication inspires us.

See how we’re working together with care teams to keep them in the fight.

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We’re innovating for you.

Explore Hillrom™ technologies designed to support you and your patients.

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Share your story.

We want to show the world the incredible impact your team has made.

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You’re standing strong through it all.

Equipment shortages, staffing challenges, long hours, cut hours. No matter what, care teams like yours are giving their all, like they always have. 

Here are a few of the ways we’re helping them do what they do best.

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Helping nurses stay connected

Throughout the crisis, the world has been awed by nurse teams’ commitment to each other. Through our early donation to the Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses, we’ve helped the American Nurses Foundation expand vital digital communications platforms that enable nurses to share support and critical information.

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Scaling up to meet urgent needs

Care teams fighting COVID-19 need more support than ever. Our manufacturing teams are working overtime to increase production, putting in long hours in their PPE to keep hospitals supplied with vital resources.

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Donating equipment to busy ICUs

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed intensive care facilities to their limits. To date, Hillrom has donated millions of dollars in cutting-edge equipment to expand the capacity of lifesaving ICUs and critical care environments.

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Data-driven pathways to help you fight smarter

Care teams need the latest clinical data to keep up with ever-evolving COVID-19 treatment protocols. That’s why Hillrom is partnering with AgileMD to provide access to COVID-19 clinical pathways at no charge for 12 months.

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Your fight guides our innovation.

You step up for your patients every single day. We’re working around the clock to develop new solutions to help you treat COVID-19 patients.

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Advancing respiratory care

Your respiratory distress patients need urgent support. Our teams are working tirelessly to deliver it.

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Enhancing patient monitoring

A COVID-19 patient’s status can change rapidly. We’re adapting our technology to help keep you a step ahead.

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Adapting to new care areas

With our mobile communications platform, your team can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

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Extending Patient Care

The Hillrom™ Extended Care Solution combines an all-in-one vital signs device with a patient app and clinician review portal so you can extend patient care beyond the walls of your facility.

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Share your story and show your appreciation.

Have you seen a teammate go above and beyond? Want to thank someone for their remarkable work? Join our Hillrom community in a round of applause for care teams—and for everything that makes them #foreveressential.

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Candice Cousins-Hopkins,  UofL Health - St. John’s Riverside Hospital

"As we begin to get back to “business as usual”, we wanted to make sure we reached out to the wonderful donors who helped us get through the most difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The generous donation of the Life 2000 ventilator meant so much to us. We..."

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Willie McCall, Albany Medical Center

"Willie is a surgical tech in the operating room with less seniority and as a result had to go into the labor pool in our organization where he took on a different role and functioned as a nursing assistant. Willie took on that role and went above and beyond to do all that he could... "

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Clare McHugh, NYP / MetroHealth

"Despite the risks and without hesitation, Clare dropped everything in Cleveland and headed to NYC for 8 weeks to care for critically ill Covid-19 patients."

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A special message from our President and CEO

"Now more than ever, care teams are giving their all. Together, you’ve stood strong, and we appreciate your courage and commitment. You have been there for all of us, and we’ll always be there for you."

John Groetelaars, President and CEO, Hillrom