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Enable Earlier Diagnosis & Treatment

Alert the right caregiver: 90% diabetic retinal exam compliance can be achieved in 12 months

Primary Care Screenings & Exams

The sooner the diagnosis, the more options for effective treatments.

Efficiently capture, access and document patient data to improve care coordination, detect patient risks and increase compliance.

Video: See how you can help save vision for your diabetic patients

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Better data: best in class ECG algorithm that is trusted by the FDA in clinical trials

Connected Cardiology Solutions

Recognize cardiac conditions more effectively.

Reduce complexity and shorten the path to diagnosis for improved patient outcomes with one solution that can perform two diagnostic exams.

Video: Learn how to automatically connect ECG data to the EMR

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Accelerate Patient Recovery

Identify signs of deterioration: 86% reduction in code blues with contact-free, continuous monitoring

Contact-Free, Continuous Patient Monitoring

Caregivers can keep tabs on patients with real-time alerts.

Smart bed technology can help your care teams monitor patient safety, analyze patient data and deliver secure information so they can intervene early and improve outcomes. 

Article: Learn how to quickly detect patient incidents

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Ensure accuracy: 20% to 1% reduction in documentation errors after connecting vital signs devices to the EMR

Continuous Vitals Monitoring with Capnography

Data where and when you need it.

Connected vital signs monitoring devices capture patient data securely, reduce documentation errors, and give back valuable time to clinicians to detect and intervene with patient deterioration. 

Article: Discover how intuitive tools enable earlier detection

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Simplify Clinical Communications & Collaboration

Spend more time at the bedside: 30% more time spent in direct patient care

Unified Care Communications

Enhancing care team collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

When doctors, nurses and the entire care team can connect seamlessly, patients benefit. When they also connect easily to important patient data from multiple medical devices, they can access relevant and actionable information at just the right time. 

White paper: Learn how communication devices can help enhance collaboration

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Our digital health solutions help caregivers...  

caregiver checking the throat of a patient

Enable Earlier Diagnosis & Treatment

Efficiently conduct patient exams and screenings, capture vitals and ensure accurate documentation to support diagnosis and management of patient conditions.


a caregiver holding hands with a patient

Accelerate Patient Recovery

Intervene early and improve outcomes by monitoring patient safety, analyzing patient data and accessing secure, real-time patient information, wherever you are.


a caregiver using a mobile device

Simplify Clinical Communications & Collaboration

Receive timely, accurate data through connected solutions that automatically and securely deliver patient information to the EMR.


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